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A fund has been established on Cynthia's behalf to receive and manage all monies to be specifically designated for Cynthia's long term care and rehabilitation.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Video Update

Here are a few video highlights from spring training in Baltimore. I'm learning how to use the iMovie program, which has been very fun though I'm not quite ready for the Oscars yet. The video is about three minutes long.


Niccole said...

Wow Cynthia - amazing on all fronts. The walking but also the filmmaking! **** - that's 4 stars from me :) you make me proud!!!

Sue Leppones said...

Cynthia, you are amazing. The left leg is very impressive. Great movie material! Look forward to seeing that walker again. Keep up all the hard work. Your are impressive. Be proud of all you have accomplished.
Sue Leppones

Emily Hanlon said...

That is AWESOME! Congratulations Cynthia! Keep up the great work. xo, Emily

Anonymous said...

ROCK ON GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!!! MARK AND I ARE ALL TEARY & PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Laur

sseif said...

Great video- could you share it on the LiteGait facebook page?

Barbara said...

Cynthia, I know your mom from her kind treatment of my son who was sick in the fall.

You are doing a great job. The progress from one video to the other is amazing!

Keep up the good work. Sending positive thoughts to CA from NJ (and to your mom back here with us).

Barb Thomas

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! Cynthia - what a great film of a terrific development.

Love you very very much.