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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Onwards and upwards! Downwards and sideways?

This past week and a half was a full roller coaster of events therapy wise.  Friday, May 29th, at CPMC I arrived and Sonya had decided that I was ready to use the walker without the extra arm supports.  Ummm, ok, sure, why not? Needless to say I was fairly skeptical, but I trust Sonya fully, so we gave it a go.  Unbelievably, we were able to do it.  It was challenging and it took the help of three people instead of the usual two, but I was stoked. :-)
Monday I went back, and this time it was just me, Sonya and Charlene, and I have to say, it was awesome.  I felt so connected and strong and with their help, walked over 100 feet in three attempts.  AMAZING! On Tuesday, I was at the pool with Michael.  With him and Trevor beside me, I walked in three feet of water.  WOW!  Michael said I definitely took a jump healing wise.   
I was very excited about this turn of events and had visions of continuing on this trajectory.  I arrived in therapy on Wednesday ready for another incredible session... or not.  Turns out my body had other plans.  For some reason that I, nor my therapists, can understand,  what I could do that day was a pale comparison to what I did just two days before.  Everything was so much harder and I had to stop several times, barely going a few feet each time.  Why o why?  Not to be defeated, I chalked it up lack of sleep and overexertion.  My session at home with Michael the next day was fair and we discussed possible reasons for it.  O.k.,  I'll rest.   After a easy weekend of just doing the bike and standing frame, I was ready to show my stuff on the walker Monday.  The beginning was good and I felt strong and then five minutes later, fizzle.
(insert favorite swear word here)!  I have to say, I felt defeated.  Again, saw Michael the next day and felt a bit stronger and he soothed my ruffled feathers.  I haven't used the walker again yet, but will try again next week.  I know what I did that Monday will come back again and that I won't be doing it alone (literally and figuratively).  For all you faithful readers- here is a taste of what I did on Monday (and there is not a soundtrack).

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Anonymous said...

way to go -- your body is just recuperating from the surge, I know you will do this when I get out to visit! love and hugs, mom