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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Springtime In Baltimore

Our trip to NJ and Baltimore this March was fantastic. Not only did we get to see and spend quality time with family and friends, but we had another productive visit to Kennedy Krieger.
This our third visit to KKI, and we continue to be thrilled with the awesome therapists and professional program. It was three weeks of intensive therapy-four hours a day. This time in Physical Therapy we really focused on the lite gait program, sit-to-stands and lots and lots of core work (yay sit ups!). Occupational Therapy was all about the hands. We worked on fine motor skills for the left and using electrical stimulation to wake up those muscle on the right hand.
Function wise, the right side in general is still lagging behind the left, but making small, yet significant gains. The last day at KKI, I used a special walker and walked 60 feet with my therapists! Very cool. Yes, I have video and am working on making on a fun montage of the trip. Coming Soon!
I continue my work in San Francisco with my fabulous home therapist Michael and Sonya at CPMC.


Anonymous said...

wow! it is so great to see you movin' and groovin'-- so proud of you! and the music is inspiration to me as well. thanks, love you! mom

Anonymous said...

What stunning progress; a tribute to your courage and hard work.

We send you lots of love,

Connie and Al