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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Living My Life Like It's Golden

Well, here we are again.  Another season another blog post. Since my last posting, things have been looking up.  A good friend of mine recommended a fantastic acupuncturist and I also have a new home PT whom I am seeing once a week.  I am enjoying the changes I was so fearful of. 
It is hard to believe that it is already July and the summer is in full swing, which in San Francisco means cold and foggy days, brrrrr! But, after hearing the news of triple digits on the East Coast, I think I'll take the fog (Trevor calls the fog nature's air condition). Plus, we can pretty much drive half an hour and be in summer time weather.  Anyway, I will be enjoying (?) the heat and humidity soon enough as I am traveling east in a mere two weeks for a visit to N.J. and also back to Baltimore and Kennedy Krieger.  Baltimore in July, I must be crazy! I am looking forward to my visit and am thankful we are able to pull it off.  I wasn't sure it was going to happen as Trevor got a new job in April and would not be able to take two weeks off this summer, sooo I am going to be traveling without Trevor for the first time since my TM onset.  I'm not quite ready to travel solo, so mom and dad will be flying out to San Francisco for a visit and then I will be traveling back with them and at their mercy for almost two weeks (or is it the other way around).  It's a big step for me and although I feel the butterflies, I am excited to test out my nerves. Trevor will fly out at the end of the trip for a quick visit and then we will travel back together.  Another step towards independence!

Although I haven't had any major gains physically in the past few months- I do feel like I am gaining my life back and exploring what I can do with what I have.  To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, life is too short and I don't want to let it pass me by, so I have been trying new things and challenging myself both mentally and physically.  I am wrapping up an online writing class, a small step towards going back to school and I also started outdoor cycling.  The cycling is incredibly freeing and allows me to enjoy exercise that is fun! The cycling program is run by fantastic center for people with disabilities called B.O.R.P and they have all kinds of bikes to use for a very low fee.  I am slowly working my way up and hope to one day buy my own bike and train for a marathon.  I'm at 2.5 miles an hour right now, ...  it may be a while.  You may be wondering at this point, "gee, I wonder what Cynthia looks like on the bike?" Well, you are in luck because I just happen to have a video. Enjoy! VIDEO
Love and Peace,


Tiney said...

Loved the video. Charlie is going to be excited. We had a long discussion about how you would ride a bike and what it would look like. This is perfect.
As always, you inspire us! Keep fighting and striving for more.

Niccole said...

Ok I was trying to comment before, and I think I emailed your own blog post to you. oops! But wanted to tell you again how proud we are of you. And your blog is great, love the video, love the song! Keep on riding, can't wait to ride with you. love, nic