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A fund has been established on Cynthia's behalf to receive and manage all monies to be specifically designated for Cynthia's long term care and rehabilitation.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Trevor and Cynthia

Hello Everybody,Greetings from the California Pacific Medical Center Davies Campus. Cynthia and I cannot begin to thank you all for the kindess and extraordinary support we have received during this challenging period.

Happy Thanksgiving, Love Cynthia and Trevor


Ken Pereyra said...

Happy Thanksgiving Cynthia and Trevor. Lori and I along with Nathan, Jonah and Maya are keeping you both in our prayers.

Alan said...

Looking forward to seeing you run around in Tahoe next year for myself and Trevor's birthdays. Love you honey, your in my thaughts and prayers.
Till Sept 08

Maura said...

Hello My Dears!
I am so thankful for Cynthia & Trevor!!! Your friendship, the light you are in the world and all the loving energy you spread around. I love you both! I am praying for you!
With joy~ Maura

Karen Hensley (Fresno) said...

Hi Cynthia I missed you at the Fresno Walk so much it was not the same without you,I am so sorry you have been slowed down for a Bit,but im sure with all our help and Prayers we will pull you out of this! If i can help some how please let me know .My Heart is with you Sincerely Karen Hensley

julie said...
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jlavec said...

Hi, Trevor and Cynthia -
Gian and I think of you every day and wish we could be there to show you our support in person. We miss you and love you both!!
Julie and Gian

Cameron said...

Cynthia and Trevor,

We wish you a very speedy and complete recovery! You have each other, and friends who love you, to help you through this challenge. God bless you!

Cam and Barbara Ward

Anonymous said...

I am utterly in shock. Cynthia you are in my prayers. I wish I knew about the benefit, Mike and I would have loved to attend. I wish you all the very best. You are such a wonderful and beautiful person. Love Gaby

Anonymous said...

Dear Cynthia, It's been quite a while since I checked in on the ALS website, but there I was today when I read your news. Please let me know if there is some way I can lend a hand. I have free time during some weekdays and also on weekends if you need some help around the house, or need someone to run errands. Plus, I would love to stop by and see you. Get in touch when you have a moment...the sooner the better! All my love, Steven

Anonymous said...

Cynthia and Trevor,
Hope all is progressing. I would like to donate 1/2 day of cleaning service a month if you are interested. My e-mail is Cynthia, I'll miss you at the Napa walk this year. Hope to hear from you soon. God speed.
Cindi Leger